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BSBINN601B Manage organisational change

This summary is to be completed by the AVETA assessor and is used as a final record of student competence.
Student’s evidence and assessor checklists are to be attached to this summary.

Student Name:

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Manage organizational change


S - Satisfactory
NS – Not Satisfactory
Assessment 1
Direct observation/
 Report on change requirements
S | NS
Assessment 2
Direct Observation /
 Change Management project plan and PowerPoint presentation
S | NS

Assessment 3
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Develop an explanation of how the trends currently impact or will impact organisational objectives.
6. Identify major operational change requirements:
a. Identify changes due to performance gaps
b. Identify changes due to business opportunities
c. Identify changes due to threats
d. Identify changes due to management decisions.
7. Identify specialists to be consulted to assist with identifying change needs:
a. Identify specialists (assessor) you will engage to help identify change requirements and be prepared to explain your reasons for engaging these specialists
b. Identify what consulting model you would adopt to engage the specialists and be prepared to explain why you would use this model.
8. Assume your assessor is a specialist/expert of the kind you have identified. Consult with your assessor to assist with identification of change management requirements and opportunities.
9. Identify the managers that need to be informed. Prepare a plan that identifies who, when and how stakeholder/ managers will be engaged to review and prioritise change requirements.
10. Assume your assessor is a manager you have identified. Consult with your assessor to review the changes you propose and to help you prioritise changes. Suggest and justify the priority you have assigned to each change you recommend.
11. Prepare a 3-4 page report detailing change requirements for the organisation. Include all of the information you identified and explanations that you prepared in

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