Marketing Information System ( Mis ) Essay

791 Words Nov 15th, 2015 4 Pages
Marketing information system (MIS) is a very useful tool for marketing manager and other management position in a company, it is an organized way of continually gathering, accessing, and analyzing information that marketing managers need to make ongoing decisions. (Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy, 2013). In another word, is just like the compass for a ship, even it cannot prophesies which way will lead a company to success, but it will help manager to pick a more advantageous plan for marketing. MIS contains four key elements, they are: information sources, questions and answers, decisions marker and results. (Perreault, Cannon and McCarthy, 2013). These four elements have to use by orderly, without completion of last one, the process unable to reach to next one. MIS is also a two-sided tool, it has many advantages and some disadvantages, it generated results to managers but there is possibilities that those results are not perfectly suitable for a company’s marketing plan. One important advantage for the need of MIS is, it increases consumer’s expectations and what they expect of products. Because MIS can maintains customer profiles well and generated some invisible information of customers, therefore, a company should consider these data when they are producing their products. This step will help company to increases the stability of existing customers and explore more potential customers. There is also one frequent disadvantage of MIS, that this system may be a lack of…

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