Marketing In Africa Case Study

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Arion 2

Anthony Arion
Principles of Marketing 301B
Prof Coulson
30 October 2016

Paying the Global Piper?Setting Goals to Reach That Faceless Consumer Business goals are stated expectations of what a business wants to accomplish over a period of time. A business sets goals sometimes for the overall business but often for individual departments, employees and even customers. Businesses set goals mainly to measure four things: measure success; leadership understanding; knowledge is power; and to reassess the goals. There have always been pitfalls to setting goals which include setting goals too high that they appear unattainable and setting goals too low that provide little or no motivation. Businesses have operated with goals since
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While operating a business in Africa does entail unique challenges, one must not forget that opportunities are endless. Africa is made up of five countries, some of the most beautiful in the world; however, the southern half seems to provide the most potential for sales. Marketing in Africa requires experience and understanding to negotiate the unusual environment. People in Africa connect by sitting down, having a meal together is the African way of building relationships. This definitely requires a different set of skills and understanding that Americans are used to doing, but also will require ginormous patience and understanding. This is not the typical marketing/advertising approach, so it is imperative that a partner is identified. Creativity will be necessary to adapt to the African conditions and demands. This will have to come from ?local know-how? and experience. Probably the most important marketing approach in Africa is the employment of a marketing group that can ?attack? the country, area by area, and meet the people. …show more content…
Their marketing efforts also need to patience and understanding. Chinese companies and their marketing departments need to study and address the top ten reasons why Chinese companies have failed in the past. Chinese Companies will fail if they focus on the Chinese consumer rather than the American consumer. It is very important to understand that in America one reputation-damaging mistake can put one out of business almost overnight. The Chinese companies are not known to spend the time and money necessary to make an impact in the United States. Making money is the ultimate objective; however, if a Chinese company focuses on that objective they often lose the professionalism necessary to achieve success over the long term. Chinese companies because of their culture tend to tell users what they need, rather than listen to what the American consumer wants. Campaigns should be established to not only make money in the short term; but also to build quality that will keep them in business and making money for years to come. Also because of the culture and hierarchy in China, Chinese companies do not understand that beauty and design sets them apart from that of their competitors in America. Chinese companies tend to rely on robo-calls and face-to-face meetings rather than the use of email blasts. The use of simple and elegant design is lacking in Chinese companies doing business in

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