Marketing Department : Kudler Fine Foods Essay examples

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Introduction Kudler Fine Foods as formed in 1998 by Kathy Kudler and was first based in California. It is a gourmet foods retailer and has been able to grow and also added two more stores in Del Maria and Encinitas in 2000 and 2003 respectively. This report is going to examine Kudler’s current status of its marketing department and how change in this department can be able to create new market and customer opportunities for the organization.
Need for Change and Opportunities The current marketing department has played a major role in the organizations experience of low profits and also losses. A survey by Kudler’s Fine Foods in 2007 showed that there was an increase in the customer dissatisfaction towards the services that were being provided by the organization. Kudler’s main marketing strategy was based on increasing profitability and efficiency for the organization and did not consider the customer’s need hence the increase in the customer dissatisfaction.
The current marketing department has there smaller departments that fall below it which include the; sales department, purchasing department and the promotion’s department whereby each are headed by three managers. The purchasing department’s main tasks include purchasing of raw material used in production and also ensuring the products are available on the shelves of the stores. The promotion’s department is responsible for the creation of circumstances such as advertisements and also customer rewards that allow…

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