Essay about Marketing - Chanel, Nike, Hot Topic

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1. Within the United States, especially in Southern California, an individual's appearance is crucial because it is used to make a first impression. A person is judged by what they wear and how they look. For example, it is probable that many people would perceive a person wearing ratty clothes as uneducated and irresponsible while a person looking pristine in a designer ensemble is assumed to be intelligent and successful. In every city, there are multiple fashion brands with different styles and ranges of apparel and accessories. Every season, new styles and designs are created which influence society. It appears as if more types of clothing exist than the actual number of people. With so many different alternatives of fashion, the …show more content…
* Found in shopping malls * United States * Puerto Rico * Ontario * Suburban living | Chanel’s headquarter is located in Paris, France where the fashion brand originated. The store is located worldwide near tourist attractions. The main travel destination that people choose to plan their vacation is where a Chanel store is mostly likely to be found. The idea is that people who travel to hot-spots tend to be upper middle or upper class, so they have sufficient funds to purchase the Chanel brand. Chanel is one of the top designer brands known globally, so it is located in fashion capitals: New York City, Paris, Milan, Rome, China, Los Angeles, Miami, etc.Nike’s headquarter is located in Washington County, Oregon. This athletic brand is one the top sports line. Its stores are located globally and more widespread compared to the other two brands. Also, Nike brand products

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