Marketing And Marketing Of Marketing Essay

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Marketer can achieve specific goals only if they develop a brand strategy, i.e. the long term planning for the development of the particular brand. In today’s generation companies are more customer oriented and goal centric. Researchers have helped companies to identify the likes and dislikes of the customer. Branding helps the firm to differentiate their product with the competitor’s product. Product and brand strategies have helped the companies to formulate their market as per the customer needs and requirements, branding plays an important role to satisfy and fulfill customer needs. With the rise in the competition, new products, new brands, companies have adapted to the advanced process to face the competition and to stand in the higher position in the market. The role of the supplier plays a vital role in B2B as he decides the performance of the product or brand in the B2B market.
In Business to Business (B2B) markets organizational and industrial buyers are concentrated more. B2B and B2C products are designed in such a way that the customers are forced to buy and to differentiate the products with the competitor’s products. Companies will able to find what they want and accordingly they can frame the product and branding strategies.

Literature Review
(Miller, P.R.) For a service provider, sales revenue can be grabbed by having outstanding market performance by having high price premium and high market share, this is significant in B2B market. It can be…

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