Marketing Analysis On The Consumer 's Demands And The Advertisement

1258 Words May 17th, 2016 6 Pages
As for our product being a small chip that will find your phone, marketing may be a weird concept depending on the consumer’s demands and the advertisement. Marketing is a strategy that are business do to create, communicate, and deliver some ideas and values to customers that will benefit the organization. Marketing is able to work in our company by the demand customer are willing to pay in order to have the chip. With the value of the chip can compare the benefits it has to find your phone, with the cost. The way to find the value of the chip is: Value = Benefits/Cost. A way to show that this is the better product compared to others, is by making a video advertisement to compare the chip and another product. Having the store open longer duration to show the consumers of the benefits shopping experience. Having a lower set of price, to make the product more accessible to everyone. Having a booth outside the stores where the chip is sold and show demonstrations on how the chip works. The service of the chip will provide to the consumer will be if the phone is lost then the owner will be able to find it, even if the phone dead. The chip will be able to rely on the solar power and be water proof for the mistakes people make while using liquid.
Our product will be relying on phones and consumers buying this product, by this has to be a B2B and B2C relationship. WIth the chip being behind the phone and able to find your phone and others, we would have to have a relationship…

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