Analyse The Relationship Between Diabetes And Diabetes

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This man has two health issues, diabetes and Down syndrome (DS). ZHU (2014) defined DS as having moderate intellectual disability, which Can often associated with reproductive organs, heart, digestive tract, bone deformity; Low immunity; these factors can affect patient essential activities and skills in daily life. This man has DS and diabetes which is hardly to managing himself. With the DS symptoms, it is likely that there are more challenges and the man would have a great risk of poorer health issues than the diabetes.
There are numerous challenges that result in more worse outcomes because of DS and diabetes. As type 2 diabetes need self-management and self care. Due to this man’s condition, he is now live in a community group and can
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This is very difficult especially for a person with down syndrome and lives in a group home. This man mind have poor diet and sedentary lifestyle due to the moderate intellectual disability. As the second part of ICF model, environmental factors are closely impact person’s live and interacts through physical, social and community environment. The environment around him are include: natural environment, technology, service, attitudes, support and relationship with family or friends. As he lives in the group home, his physical condition could different as the other members, and this is a barrier for the social interactions between him and the others. For example, when he want some food or assistance from the staff, he mind embarrassing to ask because he know he can’t express the word properly.
Another factor is personal factors, this include personality, personal attitudes, self-consciousness, habits, behaviour, education level and life experience. As the personal factors are varies depends on different
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Type 2 diabetes is a non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. For type 2 diabetes, there is no cure, it is all about self-management. It can control by two ways, one is diet and weight, another one is regular physical activities to keep healthy lifestyle . This will involve with the care givers or the community careers for the meals planing and balance diet. That will assist him to maintain the weight and dietary intake. Regular exercise is important to people especially who has diabetes. The reasons of doing exercises are to reduce blood sugar level, burn the calories to maintain weight, help the blood flow and blood pressure and increase the fitness level. Due to this man’s intellectual disability, he will need special program such as one to one personal trainer or the simple movement activities.
In conclusion, it is obvious that having the knowledge about the interactions between diabetes and moderate intellectual disability is significantly important to help nurses in their practice. In this way, it can not only help nurses have more understanding about the chronic symptoms, but also give them more preparations to face the emergencies. This essay has declared the understanding of the symptoms and challenges that nurses could meet in the practice. Using the IMF model analysis the patient disease, and suggesting a effective intervention to manage the diabetes in the adult’s

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