Marketing Analysis : Marketing Management Essay

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“Marketing! Get Your Marketing Manager Right Here!” “Popcorn! Get your popcorn!” You may have seen venders at a Rangers’ game yelling, trying to persuade you into purchasing their tasty treats. You have probably even found yourself dishing out the outrageous six dollars for the mediocrely proportioned snack, but have you ever thought about what kind of effort and money that companies spend to get your attention? Marketing is one of highest paid, most steadily successful careers in the industry today (Consumer Merchandising/Retailing Management). Marketing management is important to companies and consumers alike. Without the advice via advertisement, a consumer may not be able to benefit from the advantages of a must-have product or cannot-miss opportunity. Marketing management is a plausible, practical, pleasing, and pretentious occupation. A marketing manager has a busy, schedule-oriented life. Between selecting products for displays, updating the company’s social media, and evaluating advertisement budgets, things can get a little hectic (Marketing Manager). Social media is an underrated source of marketing: it is free and reaches people where they spend a majority of their time. It is crucial to successful marketing and makes up one of the most fun tasks of marketing managers (Zarrella 1). Other responsibilities and duties of marketing managers are “evaluating cost and markup analysis, directing new employee hiring and training, developing creative ideas…

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