Essay on Market Globalization Continuously Global Competition

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With the market globalization continuously ,competition is fierce increasingly ,more and more enterprises realize and try to find suitable business orientations ,in order to seek greater profit space. Enterprises speed up the efficiency of production ,pay attention to the product feature , intensify efforts in promotion , understand market demand , safeguard consumer value ,mutual compete ,to gain greater market share . Customer orientation is one of the business-oriented what is the enterprises used .(Narver and Slater,1990,P20).Enterprises for the purpose of meet customers demand on the whole ,also will work well on marketing mix .

Customer orientation is defined as a trust which is if a company want to be successful, they need to know and satisfy customer requirements and create benefits for customers.Because that customers to defined value,once corporate is done the best understanding of the consumer, there is the maximum ability to create value. And the value is win-win for customers and firms .(Harwood and Garry ,2010,cited in Blythe ,2014, P9).The other business-oriented also give direction and bring benefit for enterprises.

Market orientation is one of business orientation that brings profit to the enterprises. It is defined as a belief which is enterprises success need a deep understanding of market relations . Market orientation and customer orientation have similar aspects . They are all emphasis on customer needs and try to satisfy.But, Market orientation care…

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