Importance Of Marketing Strategy: Products And Services

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Marketing Strategy: Products Products and services are the purpose of having a company. In order to have customers and businesses, there must be a need of exchange of products and services. According to Southern New Hampshire University (2015), “The product offering, which is the heart of any organization’s marketing program, is always the launching point in the creation of the marketing mix” (p. 1). A product or service is what attract customers to satisfy their needs, wants and lifestyles. However, companies must research and determine customers’ preferences, tendencies and expectations in order to design and develop products or services that can bring value to the target market. According to According to Southern New Hampshire University (2015), “…This offering is …show more content…
Finding an attractive and appropriate name to our service could be difficult. We do not want a boring name and we do not want to send the wrong message to consumers. When customers look for our existing products they look for relief. Relieve stress, muscle aches, tension etc. ‘Living relief’ would provide customers with the right idea about our services and project an expected improvement of their mental and physical state.
Brand Sponsorship. Our massage therapists are contractors hired by the US government, it guarantees a safe and responsible environment and experience to all our customers. Also, all our massage therapists must be certified and well trained by creditable institutions.
Brand development. By offering this new service, our branch is looking to stretch our line extension. Armstrong, G., & Kotler, P (2015), “ line extensions occur when a company extends existing brand names to new forms, colors, sizes, ingredients or flavors of an existing product category” (p. 228). In this case, we already have an established spa that offers similar services, but this new option will bring additional features and benefits to our customers when looking for a therapy.

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