Marine Pollution Essay

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Marine pollution
“Plastic never goes away, and its increasingly finding its way into our oceans and onto our beaches”(“Ocean Plastics Pollution”). Marine pollution is a hazard to humans and wildlife when consumed. Marine pollution is detrimental to our planet and its many diverse ecosystems filled with delicate wildlife. The pollution of our oceans occurs daily and is often overlooked or forgotten about when it is a major environmental issue. Marine pollution causes many species of marine life to become endangered and extinct. Marine pollution is a deadly and destructive issue. The cause of marine pollution is when trash, typically plastics, enters the ocean resulting in problems to arise. “As far as plastic entering the ocean, about 20%
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This is how manmade garbage enters the ocean even if it is not intentional it still is an issue. Marine debris is a symptom of society's throw-away mindset and the approach to how people use natural resources. The tendency of humans to be irresponsible is causing troubles, humans risk losing major marine species due to the pollution occurring in the ocean. People continue to pollute the oceans every day without notice because of their careless and harmful lifestyles (Andrews). Most pollutants that enter the oceans are not intentionally dumped, and some doesn't even come from land causing the pollution to be hard to measure and stop. “About 80% of marine debris originates from sources on land and the other 20%, about 636,000 tons per year, comes from ocean vessels. Cruise ships represent 1% of marine, but produce 25% of ship-sourced waste; on average, a single cruise ship passenger produces 3.5 kg of waste per day”(Polsenberg). This is a reason why pollution is caused because people not only pollute from land but they do it while on boats and this makes it harder for the pollution to be stopped because not many know about the ship-sourced …show more content…
It causes people to become sick and animals to become endangered and extinct. Marine pollution causes once healthy and thriving ecosystems to become death filled wastelands. It may not be recognized today but marine pollution could cause the demise of most life on Earth including Humans. Marine pollution is a killer of many and needs to be stopped and eradicated from the planet humans call

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