Mandatory Military Service For The United States Essay

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For the past 42 years America has been a draft free country. Men and women have been able to choose when and how they would like to serve our country without the pressure of mandatory military. Getting rid of the draft gave U.S. citizens more freedom than ever, allowing individuals to choose what they want to do with their lives. The U.S. military is now more strong and organized than ever before, but could mandatory service improve Americans as citizens and as a whole? There are many reasons why a mandatory military would benefit the citizens of America today. Some examples include guaranteed numbers in military, increased respect for others and our country, and social equality. While having a mandatory military would provide many benefits, it would not be worth compromising the citizen’s rights to freedom in America.
Most cases of mandatory military service consist of eighteen or nineteen-year-olds who have just finished high school. The individuals usually serve for one to three years, performing different responsibilities such as combat, transportation, and logistics. In many cases, women are given different responsibilities than men. There are few countries today that still have compulsory military service including Israel, Singapore, and South Korea. For the most part, the need for conscription has been eliminated.
Looking at military as a whole, implementing mandatory service could help America in numerous ways. First, it would improve military itself. Having a…

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