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Table of Contents 1. Introduction p. 2 2. Part A: The internal and external environment p. 2 2.1. The external environment p. 2 2.2. The internal environment p. 3 3. Part B: Managerial ethics p. 4 4. Part C: Corporate social responsibility p. 6 5. Conclusion p. 7 Reference List p.9 1. Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to portray and evaluate the main management failures that

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2008, p. 90).

The “Environmental Uncertainty Matrix” is a very useful tool to evaluate the degree of uncertainty in organisations environment and therefore determine to which extent a manager can influence the organisations performance by factoring in the impacts of the external environment on his decisions (Robbins et al. 2008, p. 89).

In the case of ABC Learning Centres Ltd there can be found a relatively stable (degree of environmental change) environment. There can be noticed only few changes in the environment `s components (Robbins et al. 2008, pp. 89-90) as for example the legal change concerning subsidies as described above. New relevant competitors cannot be recognized, as there were usually and mainly small local non-profit child care providers (Rush & Downie 2006) and the need for child care in society obviously didn´t change visible over the period from ABC`s raise to collapse. The degree of environmental complexity was simple as there can be found only few components with minimal need of sophisticated knowledge that had an impact on ABC (Robbins et al. 2008, pp. 90-91). The competition was mainly local in Australia and therefore easy to overlook and didn´t need sophisticated knowledge. The need of child care facilities was enormous and the customers -mainly working women- had mostly the same needs: they needed someone responsible to
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