Management Case Study - Final Essay

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Mgmt 362
Final Case Study
Fact Finding #1
Beginning with the first meeting that was attending by Fester, he was rude to everyone while giving his opinion on the” high level of mediocrity” when it came to team ideas. Incivility refers to rudeness, lack of regard for one another, and the violation of workplace norms for mutual respect (Hellriegel & Slocum pg. 225)
Recommendations #1
Because Dr. Jerrold did not confer with Knowlton when he decided to add Fester to the team,
Knowlton suffered from role conflict and ambiguity because of the expectations Jerrold wanted.
Knowlton to take the responsibility for the behavior of Fester’s, but not having the opportunity to participate in the decision to bring Fester to the team
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Fact Finding #2
Active listening is the process of integrating information and emotions in a search for shared meaning and understanding (Hellriegel & Slocum pg. 20). Dr. Jerrold was not listening to
Knowlton when he expressed his concern about Fester attending meetings designed only for project heads.
Recommendation #2
Dr. Jerrold should not have dismissed Knowlton’s concerns in regards to Fester. Had he concentrated on what his team leader was expressing, he would have realized that there was negative conflict among Fester and the team as a whole. He should have had a participating style meeting. This type of meeting will allow the leader to encourage followers to share ideas and facilitates the work by being encouraging and helpful to subordinates. This would have been another way that Jerrold would have noticed Fester’s behavior.
Jerrold should have been in his rightful position in order to remind Fester that Knowlton had been delegated to oversee the team and Knowlton did not need to be micromanaged by him.
Jerrold could have let Fester know that he had initiated structured before hiring him and only needed him to provide assistance to the team. Then Knowlton may not have been so reluctant on giving constructive feedback and feeling as if his opinion did not matter or even feeling displaced in a team he was leading. By Jerrold delegating authority from the beginning, he would have then been able to see Fester’s

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