Management And Management Essay

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When we think of management and managers usually the first thing that comes into our minds is that they are the higher ups of a company, they are leaders. We think of them as more knowledgeable than the general employee, with more experience and more leeway to help us with our problem. There are three levels of management and the ones that we usually see are the first level managers, the supervisors. Managers range from the supervisor, who is responsible for a group of individual workers, to the president of a company, whom is the leader. What most of us don 't know is that managers have a vast amount of responsibilities and duties, that they affect what we see being marketed as well as what products and services are brought to us. Global Managers are in short supply these days especially those with the skills to integrate into their new surroundings. Culture shock is real and it can catch you of guard, especially when it 's your job to know how to assimilate into new cultures. John Topete of Terrasearch was sent to Dubai, India without much knowledge of the country. The first Arabic expression that he learned was “insha 'Allah ' which translates to “God willing”. The way he learned this was that when he scheduled for a technician to come Wednesday at 10 a.m., the man responded with “Yes, Mr. John. I will definitely be there as scheduled at 10 am., insha 'Allah.” (Overby, Stephanie. 2009) Even though he had made an appointment the chances were only 50/50 and it was…

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