Social Sustainability Case Study

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Why business should be concerned about social sustainability?
I was going over the Internet and I received on social sustainability and in particular, regarding its meaning. It is about a process for creating sustainable, successful places that improve wellbeing, through understanding what people need form the places in which they live and work ( Social sustainability includes many aspects such as labor rights, social responsibility, human rights and so on. So I started considering and thinking why business should be worried about social sustainability. I began researching this topic on the Internet.

After I look through the websites, I found that there are several reasons to explain why business should be concerned about social
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I reflected that if the company want to reduce the hazards or enhance their performance, they should being a socially sustainability business. Then, they will become the reputable and respectable companies. Therefore, the company can have less risk in the term of operation. In fact, most companies pay more attention on how to make more profits, some of them do not care about social responsibilities during operating business. Think this through my previously part time job, I used to be a shop assistant at MUJI which a Japanese company. During that time, I have learn a lot about the social sustainability and responsibility. In MUJI, the manager treated us to smile to every customers, especially when they come in the store, we must say “welcome”, no matter they whether buy something or not, we need to say “looking forward for your next visit”. Because those behavior, we bring a good experience to consumers so that they would like to choose MUJI next time. It was a good experience to be able to see that the MUJI Company uses that sustainable productions to broadcast this to everyone. I reflected that everyone deserves the fairness and should be treat in the right …show more content…
It has result in many aspects, such as increased international trade, dependence on the global economy and movement of goods and labors. Therefore, I think culture understanding become more important. After reading the article ‘Code switching between cultures’, I understood that we should do more changes between cultures, especially when work with foreign colleagues (Molinsky, 2012, p140). I had a part time job when I was a senior high school student. I worked in MUJI as a shop assistant. It was a good experience to be able to work with manager who come from Japan. I was so excited because that was my first time to work with a foreigner. The Japanese manager come to Dalian for the opening of a new MUJI retail store, and he represented the company to take part in this activity. During that period time, I have learned a lot and known about other culture how to deal with the things. I still remembered that he always do everything in person like putting clothes orderliness. I have learned a lot from him. According to the article ‘Code switching between cultures’, I understood that the executives also need to alter some changes to adapt their co-workers. As a student, if we can know more about the different cultures and understand them more, I believe that through that we can do well on career and act more

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