Essay Management and Leadership Cmi Level 5

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Leadership Practice Assignment
During my research a lot of leadership and management theories I have read, watched and listened to in various fields have lead me to believe most come to the same conclusion. I have taken a wide range of examples which I feel to be the most relevant to me and my role.
What is Management? This is in itself is open to debate in various cultures and practices as there are a number of different managers across all areas of life from a shift manager, upper, lower and middle management to a football club manager. To me a manager is an individual who is in charge of a certain group of tasks, or a certain subset of a company. A manager often has a staff of people who report to him or her, but can also just be held
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Making disciplinary rules 6. Deciding structures, hierarchies and work groups 7. Creating new job roles 8. Establishing ethical and moral positions 9. Developing the organization 10. Problem-anticipation 11. Visualising 12. Conceiving new opportunities 13. Inspiring and empowering others 14. Planning and organizing succession, and... 15. All management responsibilities listed previously during responsibilities of a manager, (which mostly and typically are delegated to others, ideally aiding motivation and people-development)
Keeping all the above in mind I would like to discuss the concept of a manager being an effective leader. With the varying degrees of management it is possible for managers to take on some aspects of the a leader, a business educational website 'businessballs' talks about Management V's leadership responsibilities and how Management may be a bigger responsibility than leadership depending on the management role as is can be much bigger than the scale of a leadership role, for example the quality assurance manager for a global corporation compared to the leader of a small independent advertising agency. They also describe how managers may also be leaders which means they may be doing or asked to do things which appear in the leadership responsibilities list above.
Also, it is important to note again that many managers are also leaders, and so

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