Male Reader : Female Reader Essay

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Female reader; 01

The berserk family that belonged to you consisted of five human beings, including you. In first place was your father, the noisy bald-headed man acted more like a moonstruck fitness coach for someone who was about to enter the olympics rather than an actual Dad. Even though your father acted like a coach with no chill, he still managed to treat your three other bothers- I mean, brothers, with more respect than you ever received. Thus you diligently worked hard ever since you were young to earn your father’s respect and liking.

At 4:00 a.m you used to awaken and slip your favorite silver sweater that was composed of a creamy-like fabric, that tended to cover your delicate fingers and created sweater paws, along with a pair of basketball shorts and practice basketball. Practicing the proper technique of shooting, dribbling, lay ups, jump stops, pivoting footwork, jab steps, screening, cutting, defense, and finally, rebounding until you were tired. That is until your father had removed the basketball hoop in your backyard and turned it into a soccer field for the other three boogers you dared to sometimes call brothers.

You used to have enough to practice time in the morning until your dad called you in to start homeschooling, that is until he decided to put an end to homeschooling you and your brothers and brought you all to a revolting high school that was known for their soccer team, in addition to that, also known for having the…

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