Making Money Well Getting Smart Essay

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Making Money Well Getting Smart
Going to college is neither cheap or easy. So for the majority of students one has to work and go to school. With school being a full time job any extra commitments may seem impossible. So in order to balance school and work effectively one has to be dedicated to what they are doing. To be a successful college student a weekly to do list and schedule must be written and kept. Planning a week is easy but sticking to that plan is the hard part. Many college students struggle with saying no on a busy night when they have many things that they must do that week. Well many students may find the idea of going out and getting drunk to be exciting making that decision in the week will make everything else be put out of order. Learning to keep the long-term future goal in mind always is not only a great skill in college but a great one to have in a career. Everyone who wants to be a working student can find a balance between work and school by making a weekly to do list, not wasting time and sticking to the schedule that you make. “ With the three D’s: Determination, Dedication, and Discipline; You’ll succeed further then you ever dreamed”-Marie Norfleet. To be successful in anything one has to be dedicated. When one is dedicated to what they are doing there is a untapped passion that drives someone through late nights and early mornings As a working student one has to be dedicated to school if someone truly does not want to go to school they will…

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