Why Kids Drink So Much In College Essay

Sometimes your first taste of freedom is a package deal with your first taste of alcohol, this is more likely than not if you have always been planning to attend college.
A study done by students attending the University of Minnesota showed students in highschool, who are planning to go to college, drink less than those who are not planning to go to college. This actually applies only during their highschool years. Upon entering college those students pass up and drink more than the non-college kids.
This does not come as a surprise to many, because while the students are maturing and becoming more responsible, they are also taking on more peer pressure and taking bigger risk as to trying to figure out who they really are. Also they are surrounded by kids their age now, they’re all trying to go somewhere and be somebody, while having fun at the same time.
A reason as to why kids drink so much in college is because they are now lacking adult
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The answers that had the highest repeating percent were: “Breaks the ice” and “Enhances social activity”. These answers were not a surprise either, because attending college means entering a whole new atmosphere with new people and new faces, you don’t know everyone. Making friends could be difficult and if rumor has it that alcohol can make it easier, students will take that shot. Literally.
A huge reason as to why college students drink is to fit in! Anyone with any common knowledge can tell you that college has drinking, college parties have drinking, and college students are drinkers. They want to feel accepted and welcomed even if that requires a cold one in their hand. Anything to make them feel like they're part of the trend or popular group.
So these are just some of the many reasons as to why college students automatically turn into alcoholics when studies get tough, well most of them

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