Multi-Tasking: The Factors Affecting College Students

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Exposition Essay Two
Composition II
McKenzie Kangas

There are many things that distract college students from completing their homework. New technology such as talking on the phone, sending text messages, reading emails, or being on social media are common distractors. Students are taking longer to complete their assignments due to these distractions, while absorbing less information than they would if they were focusing solely on schoolwork. Multi-tasking can prevent students from learning subjects in great depth, which is a process that stimulates reasoning, analysis and foresight. “Multi-tasking while doing academic work, which is very common amongst young people leads to spottier, shallower, less flexible learning”.
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Many students think of college as the “partying” years. They leave home to go stay on campus to party which has an effect on their academic studies. The distractions of drinking, drugs, and peer pressure can make the first year of college a disaster. The most common pressure from peers involves the use of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol can result in many things; one is injuries from carelessness, assault because of disagreement between friends or maybe someone you just met. A consequence of college drinking is academic success. Students who abuse the use of alcohol suffer from missing class, falling behind, doing poorly on exams, and receiving a lower overall grade throughout a semester. Drinking while in college is most often done by those in athletics. They drink to relieve stress and to associate with others on the team. College students who abuse alcohol may also suffer from depression and other negative consequences. Staying out late to party causes a person to be tired during class, which causes them to zone out and not pay attention in class. Some may not even show up for class if they stayed out too late the night before, causing them to miss out on valuable learning time necessary for course completion. Partying also costs money. Alcohol is very expensive for students to buy. College students do not have that much money anyways, and so spending it on alcohol takes most of their money. This leaves little to no money left for them to buy text books they really need. Choosing to party over doing school assignments is like throwing money down the drain. By doing this, many students choose to fall behind in grades. Students who choose to party,, also risk the chance of ruining a future career. Students who party for long periods of time can go in debt. Students should not drink due to temporary feelings because they eventually go away and

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