Making An Advertising Campaign For Chipotle Essay

2224 Words Dec 11th, 2016 9 Pages
Out of all the companies I have come across as I tried to figure out which one I wanted to do for an advertising campaign for, chipotle stood out! This company is very impressive and has already taken big strides to take over the fast food industry and make people require more than the usual. Chipotle has made people realize that even though the food is fast, it can still be good quality and actually be made carefully unlike most other places. This one of the leading reasons people are willing to pay more for their food because they know they are getting some of the best food around. So, making an advertising campaign for this company was a no brainer when it comes to other companies. However, Chipotle has been involved in a big lawsuit that effected the company directly, so their sales have declined significantly over this past year. Their business was effected because at least 60 people across 12 different states were sickened by the E. coli outbreak! Here is a map on the states that were effected. Now, this is even more interesting to me because now chipotle has to find a new way to advertise since this disaster happened, making me even more enthusiastic to jump in and figure out ways to help their company get back on track and sell even more than before. My goal is to attract back the customers who left and to bring in more customers who have never had chipotle or even tried Mexican style food. I want to target both people who love Mexican style food while attracting…

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