How Family Affected My Life

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When thinking of a major event that may have affected my life in some way, I think I would have to say was growing up without my biological father and him not being a part of my life. I know I am not the only girl that grew up without a father and I hate using that excuse of me being the way I am, but because of him not playing the role of my father or any role at that it made me strong minded, but it also made me feel at times unwanted and fear of being rejected.
I feel this affected me because although I had enough love from my mom, I still felt a part of me was missing. I remember my dad would make every excuse in the book on why he wasn’t able to see me or come pick me up for the weekend. My mom never depended on him for anything, she always gave him an open door policy. At a young age I remember some days he would call and say he was going to pick me up and I waited there for him with my suitcase and all and he would never show. I remember crying to my mom because I did not understand, I did not understand why he would lie to me, why I wasn 't good enough to come see. I never could understand how he could do that to me
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I feel that family has affected me because I have a big family and a very dysfunctional one at that. My family has affected me because they make me want to strive for better. Although I love my family, their mistakes encourage me to do better in life. For example, I am a child of divorced parents, and my mom is a child from divorced parents and so on. I fear this cycle and seeing the similarities of the women in my family, I promised myself I wasn 't going to be stereotyped as my family was. So I strive for better and set different morals for myself and I wouldn 't put my kids through the issues I went through as a kid explaining to my friends why I couldn 't go somewhere because my dad had me for a weekend, which was rare or why I had a different last name than my

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