My Personal Identity Essay: My Cultural Identity

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Valery Nix
“My Cultural Identity” My family has been one of the significant impacts on my life. I was raised in what I would call an average household. My family has always consisted of a mother, father, and two brothers. My parents are still married and they have been since before I was born. We have always been part of the “middle class.” This can be looked at as both a hindrance and an advantage. The hinderance is that my parents have always provided for me. I cannot remember a time when I was without something that I needed. My parents provide my basic necessities and for the most part all that I want. Yes, I have a job, but I do not have to worry about any payments or bills. All of the money that I earn I get to keep for myself or spend
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Almost everyone believed in the same religion, was a part of the same social class, and had the same basic culture. I experience absolutely no changed until I entered high school. The majority of the students were still the same in high school as they were when I was a child, but in high school there were foreign exchanged students. I never was extremely close with any of the foreign exchange students, but I did have several opportunities where I got to interact with them and ask about their culture. Over the course of my four years of high school, I got to meet three students from Germany, one student from Spain, and one student from Venezuela. The culture I found most intriguing was Germany. Each student from Germany had their own way of going about life. As I got to know each one of them I realized that stereotypes are definitely not an accurate representation to who individuals are. In Germany, most of the children begin to learn to speak English around second grade. I found this so interesting because in America students typically do not begin to learn another language until high school. From what I gathered about the German culture, from these students, was that education was highly valued. This drew me into this culture because knowledge interests me, without knowledge I would be unable to do anything. Knowledge is what brings understanding. The knowledge that I accrued for these German girls gave me …show more content…
Every December we get together to celebrate Christmas, which is Jesus’ birthday. We also celebrate Easter Sunday in April. Easter is a Sunday that is dedicated in the remembrance of resurrection of Jesus Christ. My family does not have any certain “rituals” or traditions that we follow. We do however have the common faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. This faith was not something that my parents necessarily had growing up. It is hard to tell where my dad’s side originated from because my grandpa never knew is real father. This was not a topic that ever got talked about, but what I have gathered is that they can be traced back to being Irish. My mom’s father has Norwegian roots and her mother has Native American English roots. These roots are mainly shown through our religious beliefs. Every culture that makes up my bloodline; Norwegian, Irish, and Native American English, all have Christianity as their dominant religion. This explains why my family is so passionate and adamant about passing these religious practices off to the next generation of their family. Overall, religion is just a title and a way to label a person. A relationship with God is what I find the most important about my culture and through Him I find my

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