Elementary Education Case Study

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1. What are the main reasons people choose to become teachers, choose elementary or secondary, and what influenced your decisions?
Some of the main reasons why people chose to become elementary teachers are the desire to teach, the passion for the teaching life, the desire to serve, and the desire to make a difference in students’ lives. In my elementary school years I had challenges regarding reading and writing. When I met a teacher who had faith in me it helped me have confidence as a student and a learner. I hope that I can be that great of an influence to my students’; to help them believe in themselves.
2. What do you see as the main benefits and challenges of teaching? (Don 't you dare say summers off!)
The main benefits of teaching would be the ability to make a difference if a student’s life, fringe benefits which is medical insurance and retirement plans on top of their salaries (Parkay
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A teacher who is able to accept and understand themselves can help students accept themselves. A teacher also needs to know their students. Teachers need to be able to know what their students need academically like their learning styles, aptitudes, talents, and readiness to learn (Parkay 58). Also a teacher needs to have knowledge of their subject. A teacher who has a better understand of their subject will help their students have a better understanding of the subject as well.
7. How do teachers build a community of learners in their classroom?
Teachers create and build a community of learners in their classroom by having a positive, academic learning community. A teacher with a passion for her subject and to teach, a classroom that fells safe, managed, and fun. Letting students know they are able to think freely and ask questions when they need to.
8. What makes teaching a profession and why is it important to collaborate with

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