Like Born On The Fourth Of July Analysis

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Magnolia (1999) Like Born on the Fourth of July, this film simply tells a story and gets a valuable message across though relatable characters. However, the one characteristic that sets it apart from other films is that it stars multiple protagonists that each have their own story, and they all connect with each other in some way. In my opinion, this is a perfect example of cinematic brilliance because all of the previous films have only displayed one main storyline. I understand that it is more difficult to feature multiple storylines in a movie, but realistically speaking, there are always problems occurring in various parts of the world.
For me, the previous films seemed to assume that the protagonist’s conflict was the only one that was arising, as if the world is centered on the protagonist, but that might be a result of the audience placing all of their attention on that conflict. For example, anyone who watches Fatal Attraction would care about Dan and his struggle to keep his family safe from Alex, but nobody would consider the perspective of Dan’s secretary or the police officer he consults. It is possible that they are having problems of their own, but the audience assumes that their lives are fine and ordinary because the film does not focus on them.
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Scenes such as the one where the Winklevoss twins raced in a rowing event, which contained multiple angles and shots of the race that transitioned amongst each other more frequently as the music’s speed increased, could not exist in past films because the filming and editing equipment from previous decades ware unable to capture such a scene. In addition, The Social Network shows how the clarity of films has significantly improved, for the audience can see everything in greater detail than they could with films from the 1990s or

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