Mac 's Function Centre Essay

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Mac’s Brewbra Function Centre
Question 1a)
Mac’s Function Centre is located on Wellington’s waterfront, on the Corner of Taranaki St, and Cable St. just south of Te Papa. This function centre offers 3 different sized rooms of which can hold many styles of conferences.
Each room comes with a different view. The biggest room is the Te Aro room which is located on the second floor. The smallest of the 3, the waterfront room has view of Te Papa and the waterfront. On the ground floor sits the Cable room which is the only one of the 3 rooms which can hold cars. Each room shows the historic side of the building, the capacity of these rooms will depend on the lay out of the function. In the Te Aro room captivity ranges between 50 people boardroom and 500 people cocktail. The Cable room holds 800 people boardroom with 400 in cocktail. The waterfront room holds 30 people boardroom and 200 cocktail but can join with the Te Aro room to hold 700 people in cocktail. Macs offers some facilities for disabled people, such as an elevator and disabled bathrooms
The venue its self is unique by having the historic brewery look still flowing within each of the rooms that they offer, which goes well with the brick walls. Macs will provide catering, lighting and av
Question 1b)
In my opinion Macs Brewbra Function Centre is a really good place to hold a conference because of their strengths that they have. The room’s historic feel which is shown by the bricks and the old air vents on the roofs,…

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