M & M 's Marketing Campaign Essay

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The overall chocolate market experiences a modest growth from 2008 to 2014 of 5.3%, and the chocolate confectionery segment grew faster than the total market (Mintel, 2004). M&M’s is a famous chocolate brand of Mars, which provides premium food products to the world. At the same time, the competition in chocolate market is extremely intense, the main competitors include such as Ferrero, Cadbury, Thornton’s etc. Those competitors always launch new products or campaigns to account for more market share, for example, Kinder Chocolate launched “With cereal bar” in August 2013, which is the beginning time for new school time. This campaign enables this brand to account for more market shares in after-school snack occasions (Mintel, 2014). Mars also ran “Sweet Sundays” promotion in 2013, for example, sharing bags of M&M’s. However, in the chocolate market share, M&M’s doesn’t account for too many percentages, thus, the report will launch a new IMC marketing campaign in order to attract more customers by raising awareness.
The target audiences are the people who regard chocolate as an emotional role, specifically, in some special occasions. For example, during Christmas, customers always buy chocolates as gifts, in birthday party, customers purchase hamper of chocolates for celebrating the party with fun, in the wedding, people regard chocolates as the best wishes.
In this IMC campaign, there are three stages, and each stage uses different communication tool.
The first stage of…

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