Reflective Essay: The Three Types Of Lying

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The three main types of lies are: lies harm relationships, lies have a cost, and it's easier to tell a lie, experts like Brad Blanton expresses that lies are sometime justified but it complicates relationships. Where as Immanuel Kant believed that all lies are unjustified. Teens mothers in the article exhibit lies as being justified when teens are protecting others. Lying to others is sometimes justified when cost of the liar, lies harm relationship and it's easier to tell a lie.

First of all, lying is sometimes justified since all lies have a cost to the liar. Some people say, ¨Lying is stressful it hurts relationship.¨ (Article 3 paragraph 3), yet I know that this isn't true because lying to some relationship doesn't just hurt you it hurts
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Granted Kant believes all lying are bad, even if it's a life or death situation (Article 2 paragraph 8). Yet most people feel that a lie here and there to protect a life is acceptable. For example, cohen argues,¨ An obvious example is when you're lying to protect someone from serious harm. But much less extreme cases often call for lies. Cohen says.¨ (Article 2 paragraph 10). This shows lying isn't always bad, yet I know it can be very hard to lie when you feel guilty. One can see by this that, lying can hurt relationships, and others you care about, when you don't tell the truth. For instance, ¨Maria's best friend tried on a new dress at the store, I love it what do you think she asked anxiously. It's nice, maria said even though she thought it was awful (Justification chart situation 1). This evidence highlights that, some lies won't hurt relationships badly. Yet I think it isn't justified because you should just say the truth and they'll understand better then when you lie. This is important, because if you lie and they find out, it will end worst , then when you should've told them the truth in the beginning. In conclusion, lying is not justified, because you should maintain a happy relationship, than losing one with a lie, that probably would offend …show more content…
Granted people, say sometimes lying is better, than telling the truth. For instance, ¨Rebecca Campbell, knew exactly what she was doing when she recently told her 4 year old son that there was no more cartoon on tv. (Article 1 paragraph 4). It seems to me that most people don't lie, on purpose or on accident it's just that they are too lazy to tell the truth cause lying is easier to tell. This matters because what if it was important and they say a lie because it's easier to get over with, then having to explain everything. Another piece of evidence is, ¨Deep in her heart she knew that telling him the truth would have been better, though she knew that telling him the truth would have been better, though more time consuming as discipline often is it's the easy trap of a lie. She says ruefully, it's easier than telling the truth. This means lying isn't always the best thing to do when it hurts you the most. You will start feeling guilty and want to tell someone. This matters because you will lose trust from people and if it contains they would no longer believe you even if your telling the truth. In conclusion, lying isn't always acceptable because there are so many costs, and reasons why lying is bad and it never goes the way you want

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