Joe Turner's Come And Gone Character Analysis Essay

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In August Wilson’s play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, the twenty-six year old Mattie Campbell is a lonely, young woman, born in Georgia, who is looking for her lost love, Jack Carper who was the father of her two children that have passed away. After Jack leaves her, Mattie searches for a sincere relationship and love. Mattie has faced many downfalls while searching; however, that does not stop her from believing that love still exist. Her attractiveness is said to be concealed beneath her weight and “concerns of a dissatisfied life.”(1.1). Soon after Jack leaves, Mattie decides to go see Bynum Walker, a rootworker, so he can bring Jack back and bind Mattie and Jack together again. While she waits on Bynum to do his job, Mattie meets Jeremy Furlow who persuades her into making him her “man.”(1.1). However, she also encounters other situations as well with other people living in the boarding house.
Three characters in the play have conversations with Mattie that describe her in many ways. Jeremy tells Mattie that she seems to be like a woman who “[has men] standing at [her] door.”(1.1)., but she assures him that she has not been with anyone since Jack left. After taking her out to Seefus,(1.3) Mattie moves in with Jeremy at the boarding house since neither
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Although Mattie wants Jack back, she also wants love and affection from others, too. When she meets Jeremy, she quickly gives in to his words and actions, but Mattie knows that they are both keeping each other company for a while. She also does not mind Molly when she critiques her for doing other people’s job and for having two babies. When Loomis attempts to make a move on her but fails, she does not give in to him. Although Mattie looks for affection every once in a while and believes that love is still possible, her motivation to keep moving is knowing that she and Jack may bind together once

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