Raisin In The Sun Walter Character Analysis Essay

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When triggered, Walter transforms into being aggressive and defensive. Often, he doesn’t listen or attempt to see the other person’s perspective, causing him to have difficulties controlling his temper, inevitably resulting in a tirade. As Walter begins to describe his plan to own a liquor shop with Bobo and Willy Harris, Ruth corrects a mistake he has made and Walter makes a rude comment about how little women know about businesses. As Walter imitates Ruth’s behavior, he becomes impatient and interrupts her; “(Not listening at all or even looking at her) This morning, I was lookin’ in the mirror and thinking about it… I’m thirty-five years old; I been married eleven years and I got a boy who sleeps in the living room- (Very, very quietly)- and all I got to give him is stories about …show more content…
He reveals his narcissistic personality in this argument by being stubborn and refusing to admit he is wrong. In addition to becoming defensive, he loses his control over his own temper and screams at Ruth aggressively. In my scene, Walter initiates an argument with Mama. Instead of talking to Mama about the situation and trying to find a possible solution or compromise, Walter chooses to start an argument, which caused an embarrassing dispute in public; “(He cuts MAMA off) WHY CAN’T YOU SEE IT LENA? I REFUSE TO LIVE IN A PLACE WHERE WE DON’T BELONG! (He screams in the street and crosses his arms)” (Kripke 2). Walter screams at his mother due to his lack of control over his temper and a lack of his ability to compromise. Walter doesn’t listen to Mama or attempt to see her side of the argument and instead interrupts her in order to prove he is correct and to prove his point further. In the play and my scene, Walter reveals his narcissistic personality by becoming defensive and screaming aggressively due to a lack of

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