Lost Love And The Death Of Young Women Essay

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Lost Love and the Death of Young Women in the Poems of Edgar Allan Poe
Edgar Allan Poe is infamous for his dark and gothic tales. He is one of the most well-known authors in American literature, and explored a number of different themes and topics within his works throughout his career. One of the most interesting themes used within his poems has been the ever present death of young women and lost love. This theme is particularly evident in his works “Annabel Lee,” “Ulalume,” and “The Raven”. Through these poems, Poe’s readers receive an in depth look at how he perceived women, love, and mortality as a whole. Edgar Allan Poe lived a short life of just forty years, which were marked by the events of both good and bad fortune. A large portion of Poe’s life has unfortunately been left to speculation due to the lack of documentation with which to confirm or deny certain events. However, despite this hole in his history, what is well-known is his number of unfortunate relationships which often resulted in the loss of those he loved. Poe first experienced loss very early on in his life. His father disappeared when he was just a year old. It is unknown whether or not he abandoned his wife and children or if he died. Either way, this would go on to strongly affect him as he grew older. A year after his father’s disappearance, his mother passed away of consumption. He was then taken in by John Allan and Francis Keeling, but he was never formally adopted (Allen 10). His difficulty…

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