The Role Of Love In The Great Gatsby

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What is love? Although love may never be completely defined, it is seen everyday, in everyone’s lives throughout the world. Love, a feeling of deep affection towards someone or something, is often shown through one’s actions. However, it is truly something that is felt, rather than seen. Love can be seen everywhere, from elderly married couples to siblings to best friends. However, is the feeling of love truly understood by those who feel it? Many may experience affection towards someone, but may falsely pronounce that they are in love solely based on the fact that they are caught up in the image of being with that person. Similarly, just as people everyday pronounce that they “love” a certain shirt at the mall or that they “love” a certain food at their favorite restaurant, love is not meant to be a feeling that may simply pass one by in the moment, but a feeling that is built up over a period of time. Although one may like something in the moment, they may not truly love until the affection has built up into a deep devotion. However, the term ‘love’ is misused in these situations as it is used in an ingenuine manner.

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