Losing The Sight And Hearing Essay

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Losing the sight and hearing does not mean the end of life This story of Helen Keller pulls out a truth in human kind. How would you communicate if you lost your sight and hearing all together? Now imagine how life would it be? Helen Keller lived that world of darkness for six years. She is an inspiration to people ever since she fought her way into the light of knowledge. On that day she begins her educational journey. She described it as “the wordless cry of my soul.” Then one day, Sullivan came into her life. She showed her that there were names for the objects she was only able to feel, and rescued her from her wordless world. Working with Anne Sullivan was the beginning of her exposure to the English language and to her escape. Therefore, teachers are the most important people in our life because they teach the future generation; in fact, we can 't live without teachers. Teachers are the first step for the development of peoples and areas of thinking .The teacher the most important element in the production of future generations of scientists and commanders. We can all agree that the teachers are the ones who change students’ life from ignorance to knowledge. The teaching method used by the teacher, Sullivan with Helen was writing on her hand to feel the letters. The first word she has learned was "d-o-l-l." She was shocked that she learned how to write doll and knew what a doll was. After that she felt happy because she begins to learn.…

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