The Long-Term Effects Of Technology

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Hudson Pope
English 1A—Prof. Sosner
7 December 2017
The Long-Term Effects of Technology Technology is rapidly growing and expanding in today’s day and age, new records are constantly being broken and new inventions are engineered. Although technology has driven society forward, the negative effects are more important than the benefits because technology can bring about societal problems. Technology has driven society to the point where we are addicted to phones enough that we must use them while we drive. Technology is making it easier to stay connected with friends and family but it has led to abuse and one of the most important downsides it brings to society is distraction to drivers. Living in a densely populated city, especially Los
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Of course, it has brought us together, I use Facebook to get in contact with old friends and family around the globe. But as Savci and Ferda put it, “excessive internet use causes problems with family, school, work and friend” and “false statements about internet usage” (1). What they mean is that people can’t talk to each other anymore. They find it easier to talk through a screen which has caused several problems: coworkers can’t communicate effectively as a team to complete a common goal, friends would rather be on their phones because it has become easier than talking to each other, families aren’t close because they are addicted to technology as well, teachers catch kids on their phones practically every class, and kids don’t know how to make genuine friends anymore. These are just a few problems that society has suffered from. Savci and Ferda’s article uses the term “social disconnectedness,” to describe this overuse as a “disease.” Social disconnectedness is seen throughout society and it’s partially our new avenue of entertainment too. In the past couple years Netflix and Hulu have risen to become a leading fabricator of entertainment. Many, including myself, are guilty of going home and binge-watching hours of television shows or movies. Some friends get together and watch which is better but they still aren’t …show more content…
Technology has become so widespread that anyone can access it which is great for sending out information or entertainment, but it also means immoral people can access it and hack anyone’s cell phone or computer. Even with all the safety precautions and antivirus software, a hacker can get through. Large companies and governments that have some of the best security systems have been compromised due to technology advancements. Cyber terrorism is prevalent, a government can be collapsed through a single computer. It would have to be a talented hacker to accomplish that but it is possible. China has become a breeding ground for hackers that steal and destroy valuable information from governments and

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