Essay on Living Apart From My Best Friend Has Changed My Life

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Living apart from my best friend has changed my life in ways I could have never imagined. Michael and I had known each other since the seventh grade and had been through so much together. Until we started college, we had it better than almost anyone else. Michael and I saw each other almost every day and we counted on each other for everything. We had been through everything together and the idea of having to be apart from him, the idea of my life completely changing, terrified me. In high school, we were the lucky ones, the ones that stayed together no matter what. Michael was not just my best friend, he was my boyfriend, my person. When Michael and I decided to go to separate schools I had mixed emotions; I would constantly go between wanting to find out who I was when we were not together and not knowing who I was without him. The questions and comments others were going to make constantly went through my mind: “You know these things never work right?” and “Don’t you want to date other people and have fun?” I was so unsure of the future, my life, and myself. I laid in bed, a week before move-in day, staring at the ceiling, and all I could hear from the other end of my phone was breathing. We both knew what the other was thinking.
“This is what’s best for us,” Michael said. “We need to see what we are like apart from each other. We need to find ourselves.” The idea of being apart was awful, but I knew he was right. If we could make it through the awkward middle…

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