Literary Elements Of The Novel ' A Book ' Essay

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Readers sometimes do not question why the author uses certain word styles and they simply don 't know that they use it for a reason like explaining the theme. A memoir is a great example of this when it comes to using many literary elements that explain the author 's theme. Anything the author writes in literature has a purpose and it should be accounted for no matter what. The author of the book is a Chinese woman whose name is Maxine Hong Kingston and her book is a memoir. This book is essentially about the author’s life in America and she uses elements of literature throughout her book to explain events that occurred. Kingston uses many literary elements such as conflict, figurative language, diction, symbols, and irony to express women not being treated equally compared to men.
The theme is illustrated using many literal elements throughout the novel and one that will be discussed in particular is conflict. The author explains a story about a woman named Moon Orchid who came from China to America and is convinced by her sister to face her husband. Moon Orchid’s sister is arguing with the husband about being in America for thirty years and only sending his wife money while Moon Orchid does not speak whatsoever. Moon Orchid’s husband finally directs his attention to her and says “It’s a mistake for you to be here. You can’t belong. You don’t have the hardness for this country. I have a new life” (Kingston,152). He simply means that because she was his wife, she should of…

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