Literary Analysis Of Sniper By Gina Cavallaro And Matt Larsen

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Every country has a military that protects and defends its country. There are these people in the military that doesn’t always get credit. That’s the snipers. In Sniper by Gina Cavallaro and Matt Larsen they tell the real stories of real people in the military. These stories are all about the real work of snipers where they hide, how they talk, and the rifles they use to do their job. That's why in Sniper I believe that Gina Cavallaro and Matt Larsen use description to show the characters surroundings, thoughts , and words. To begin with, the authors use great description to describe the surroundings of the characters. For example, while the authors is telling about a sniper shootout he describes how “....745 or 746 meters” thats a long shot especially in that region.”(Cavallaro & Larsen Pg.15) they’re telling you that a shot like that is unusual and hard for that place. Also, in that same scene he was explaining how he would figure out how much wind there was so he included “ I asked the 240 guys to give me a 3 round burst so I could see the behavior of the tracer.” Pg.14 This is a …show more content…
All the language aside from military commands are the same as any other human on the face of this earth. This is detail is very important because it describes the thoughts feeling and surroundings of them. Like if they were at the base and “relaxing” the language would be more calm, but if they were out in combat you’d expect the language to be more like this quote: “ The bad guys were so close at one point, the Americans could hear them shouting and screaming back. The Americans shouted and screamed back. “They were yelling ‘Allah akbar’ and we’re yelling ‘**** you’ and other things you can imagine.” Pg.25 (Cavallaro & Larsen). This is showing how the language affects the book and the description of it. Without these words the book would be bland. This is how the authors describe the character’s

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