Essay on Listening, My, And Listening

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This listening diary assignment was made to make us more aware of how we use our listening skills in our everyday life for a consecutive three days. Helping to analyze how we interact with others through our responses, it gave insight as to how this affects our perception of communication. When I began to start writing down notes in my Listening Diary, I believed that I listen to comprehend, to appreciate and to discern. I chose my ineffectiveness as selective, eavesdropping, and pseudo-listening. My response styles were classified as silent listening, questioning, and supporting. With what I have collected in the past three days, I was shocked to find out that my listening skills were not used as much as I thought they would be when I interacted with others.
When I was listening, I only used my exact three listening skills that I selected before the assignment. I used my listening skills more when I was in a happier mood, or the person that I was talking to was in a similar mood and we were able to have a conversation without having any problems. On Sunday, I went to work at Target in the afternoon when Jesse, one of my team members who manages the check lanes, greeted me and asked how I was doing. Over time, I knew this meant he was in a great mood. Being a good friend, I asked why he was so happy, and it wasn’t long until we walked a little bit in the store and he explained that he just bought some new shoes and he felt like a new person. He was wearing one of the pairs…

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