Essay about Listening As A Communication Skill

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Listening as a communication skill
Listening is a form of communication where the listener gives the speaker undivided attention. The listener also gives the speaker feedback that he or she understood the message by showing gestures, repeating some words said by the speaker, asking questions and giving a feedback which would be a response to a question asked by the speaker. In our society today, in organisations where people have mastered the art of listening, people tend to work more efficiently with little follow up from their superiors. Also the organisation tend to profit more as resources are not wasted and chaos are reduced as people tend to work harmoniously with each other. On the other hand, the main cause of conflicts today in some countries is lack of understanding between the aggrieved parties. This lack of understating stems from the fact that neither party wants to listen to each other views as everyone wants to speak and this creates chaos and conflict.
Good communication requires someone who can listen and pay attention without getting distracted. In some of the developed countries they have mastered the art of listening, to where it is extensively used in the law enforcement. For instance a detective who is trying to solve a murder case has to have good listening skills in order to solve the case. The detective needs to make the listener know that they are not being ignored by giving him or her undivided attention, asking questions,…

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