Summary Of Like Water For Chocolate By Laura Esquivel

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Like Water for Chocolate, written by Laura Esquivel, is about a young girl named Tita De La Garza, who deals with lots of struggles getting through her life in general. This novel takes place during the Mexican Revolution of 1910 through 1917. Tita, the main character/narrator, grew up on a ranch somewhere distant in Mexico. She lives with her mother known as Mama Elena, and two sisters, Gertrudis and Rosaura. Tita is the youngest of Mama Elena 's daughters while Gertrudis is the eldest. Being an eighteen year old girl, Titas loves working in the kitchen. Each chapter begins with a recipe and also corresponds to the months of the calendar. For the most part, the way Tita was born influenced her love for the kitchen. The first recipe …show more content…
One day Pedro gave Tita flowers and Rosaura saw and began to cry. Mama Elena then makes Tita get rid of the flowers; Tita couldn 't. Meanwhile, Tita heard Nachas voice telling her to use the flower petals as a recipe in a dish. She listens and watches as everyone enjoys the dish she made. Just like the tears in the wedding cake, the dish she made with the petals made everyone feel a certain lovable way; Tita felt lovable of Pedro. Gertrudis went to shower causing a fire. Titas dish attracted a soldier to Gertrudis and he took her on his horse as the rode off mating. No one knows where Gertrudis went until Mama Elena finds out she is working in a brothel; Mama Elena disowns her. Later on, Pedro went to get Doctor Brown for the reason that Rosaura was going to have the baby. On his way he was captured by troops and Tita was faced with the struggle of helping her sister give birth. The doctor was informed and comes to care for Rosaura and begins to like Tita. Because Rosaura can 't produce milk, Roberto had to be nursed by a nurse. Tita eventually begin to nurse Roberto because Rosaura is ill. For the celebration of new her nephew Roberto, Tita makes a Turkey. Titas turkey made everyone at the party feel good. Mama Elena decides to send Pedro, Rosaura and Roberto to San Antonio to live with a cousin; Tita tried to stop it but couldn

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