My Family's Slave Book Analysis

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Alex Tizon wrote, “My Family’s Slave” which was published in June 2017 edition by The Atlantic. Published after his untimely death in March 2017. Alex Tizon, a Filipino-American award-winning journalist, beautiful love the story of a heartbreaking reality: his family had kept a slave his whole life. Tizon’s story documents the life and death of Eudocia Tomas Pulido (Lola), his family’s domestic maid, and he discovers that she Eudocia Pulido was actually a slave. Lola was the dark and dirty secret of the family, a modern slavery in the land of the free. When Alex Tizon was a little boy in the 1960s, he moved with his family from the Philippines to the US along with the domestic maid of the family, Lola. It was not until Tizon was almost a teenager …show more content…
Lola life was unusual for someone else in Tizon family’s members. Tizon in order to develop his purpose of exposing his family’s secret in “My Family’s Slave” Alex Tizon incorporates an anecdote and analogy.
In “My family’s Slave”, the author Alex Tizon uses an anecdote to expose his family secret. A secret that was revealed after several years later. Lola was a teenager when she agrees with one deal, “not grasping that deal was for life.” Tyzon grandfather gives Lola like a gift for his daughter.In the beginning, she does not accept Lola’s to be her slave, but she did not have an option. Because Lola was a gift from her dad, he gives Lola so she can take care of her daughter. Lola at the age of 18 Lola’s starts taking responsibilities as an adult. Tizon mom slowly accepted Lola, not only did she help her all day long and at night Lola’s had more activities. One day when his dad comes back from the war, he caught his daughter in a lie. She was forbidden to talk to a boy. His furious father ordered for her to “stand at the table.” But she took refuge
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As Lola suffered abuse on the part of the author's family. In her life as a slave, Lola was not free to be the person she really was. According to Rafael's words, author Alex Tizon gives us an overview of Lola's daily life, a life, we would never have imagined that slavery still existed in the 60s. But Tizon had to have the courage to expose the secret that his family has been waiting for many years. About the abuse that Lola had with the Tizon parents. Lola had many injustices in her life and abuses, but Tizon, even as a teenager, defended Lola from the mistreatment his parents gave

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