The Distance Between Us Character Analysis

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Parent’s Dreams are Sometimes Their Children’s Nightmare
The book The Distance Between Us by Reyne Grande is a memoir of Grande and her family. The Grande family consists of her mother, Juana Rodriguez, father Natalio Grande, older sister Magloria “Mago” and brother Carlos Grande. Natalio mother and Grande grandmother is Abuelita and Tio is her uncle. These several family members play a large role in Grande life. The Distance Between Us memoir is about Grande childhood in Mexico, her skillful way of telling an immigrant experience, the family heartbreaks and hard times of her childhood. Grande and her sibling are forced to live with their abusive grandmother, while their parents immigrated to America to follow their dreams and find work
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When she finally did a reunion with her children, she didn’t stay long. Grande, Mago and Carlos had to continually watch their mother leave several times within two years. She continues to abandon her children; while living in America she decides to have another child’s name Betty. How unbearable it must have been hearing that their mother had another child living the American dream with their mother; which they are longing to have. On another returning trip, she told Grande uncle that he should go to “El Otro Lado.” Later in the children’s adolescent, they did not know that their mother is living in Mexico and has been there for months. How cruel of a mother that does not tell her children of her return home. She also, left her child Betty in America, moved back to Mexico with her new boyfriend and three-month-old baby boy. No one knew that she lived on San Pedro street in Mexico, but …show more content…
The emotional up’s and downs of Grande memoir make it easy to agree with Sonia Nazario following statement. “In this poignant memoir about her childhood in Mexico, Reyna Grande skillfully depicts another side of the immigrant experience—the hardships and heartbreaks of the children who are left behind”, per Nazario, Pulitzer Prize winner, and author of Enrique 's Journey. As author Bazelon stated, … she made me think about why parents leave their children, and what responsibility Americans bear for the temptation and pain of border crossings.” Bazelon has a strong point of view. What and how much is America receives or paying for the immigrated children that arrives here with their parents? Whatever the cost is, it is truly unfair and disheartening how millions of immigrant’s children are abused in this journey and the physical and emotional abuse they are paying to get

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