Personal Narrative: My Lifestyle Fantasy

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Lifestyle Fantasy
Society accepts a way of making the younger generation think that anyone living a lifestyle filled with name brand products, fancy cars, and extremely large houses are the goals that one must achieve. On the contrary, others in society may assume that individuals not living these extreme lifestyle goals are on the lower echelons economically, but both assumptions are not true. Portraying a lavish lifestyle and possessing millions of dollars is not the same as living a healthy lifestyle filled with incredible people and experiences.
Educational Goals
A personal aspiration of mine is to be a lifelong learner, not saying I demand to obtain many degrees and certifications, but I yearn to learn as much as I can about the differences in people, cultures, organizations, and any other subject matter that I find interesting. I would also like to learn how to handle various situations that spring up into my life, for
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I walked into their administrative building thinking that some salesman would convince me to hand over my life savings, but I stood corrected. The outreach representative and I conversed about my past and what I wanted to grasp for in the future. Before I knew it, it was the beginning of July 2016, my first day as an Organizational Leadership Degree Completion student. I entered my cohort and I realized that though we were all different, we were all there for the same purpose. Little did I know, that the world of business would become so intriguing to me. Ultimately, my academic goal is now to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from FPU. I hope to graduate with honors and be able to walk across the stage in May of 2018 and make my family proud and inspired. Next, I would like to possibly achieve a master’s degree or maybe even a doctorate

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