Life Of The United States Essay

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Beronica Llamas, 52 years old, born in Guajajara, Mexico. She is currently a resident Tucson, AZ. She works for and attends Pima Community College. A devoted wife and a mother of three. Her son’s names are Martin, Ignacio, and Michael. Her pilgrimage to the United States has been a major transition that has affected the family. Before this transition, she was working for the city of Guajajara, at the University of Guajajara, as a secretary. Her husband, Ignacio was searching for work and tried applying for work for the city of Guajajara. However, he was unsuccessful. He decided to seek employment in California where he had family. One month after he left Mexico, he found work in a suburb, 33 miles of Los Angeles. Ignacio was working as a store clerk, at a small family owned liquor store. Mrs. Llamas and her three-month old son, Martin, currently stayed with her mother in Mexico during this transitional period. Six months later, she received a call from her husband that he has saved enough money to send for them and has found an apartment for them.
He requested for her to visit the Consulate of Mexico to apply for a Mexican and American working visa in order to work in the United States. The Mexican visa was approved; however, the American visa was not approved. When Mrs. Llamas attempted to inquire about the decision. She was escorted out of the Consulate without a definitive answer as of why this request was denied. She explained that she has never broken any…

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