Life Of A College Athlete Essay example

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Life Of A College Athlete
When you think about going to college and playing a sport your first thought is how does someone balance all of that. Well, honestly, most people don’t but the ones that do have a tough time balancing homework, their sport and their job if they have one. To show you what the life of a college athlete is like and to show how it 's different from high school, I interviewed Hannah Jones from the women 's soccer team.
I 've known Hannah about all my life, we grew up playing soccer together and going to school together so I know how she balances most of her stuff, but now that we are out of high school I don’t know how she does it. One of the first questions I asked her was what the difference was between playing soccer for a high school team and playing for a college team. Her response was short but then again there’s not that much of a difference playing wise. She answered the question, saying “everyone is just as good, there 's not really anyone that sticks out, everyone is the same and there are no bad players.” I have to agree with her on this, everyone on that team has the skill level to be playing college soccer and no one is better than the others, whereas in high school you had a big soccer team and not everyone played depending on their skill level. Another thing that is different is that their were no try outs for college soccer, they had pre season workouts and she says that it was hard for her and required more ability than what she had…

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