Being A Student Athlete

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Entering my sophomore year of college I now grasp the concept and understand what being a student athlete embodies. My freshman year, my grades were average and my time management was very poor. I didn’t prioritize things according to importance but rather what I wanted to do, so homework and sleep suffered tremendously. For most people, being a student athlete really means being an athlete first then a student. But what many people don’t understand is that being a good student now, will benefit them more in the future. Every coach that I have ever had emphasized grades and family first above anything else, then came the sport you love. A student athlete has to be committed, work hard and one must manage time. Commitment for many people …show more content…
I have had to be committed to what I believed in and what I wanted. It took years to get where I am now in life, on the field and classroom and I couldn’t be happier. Whether it was the entire time getting ready for the upcoming soccer season, working everyday so I could go to college or getting the scholarship to pay for college and realize my dream. If you want something then go get it, if you want it more than the person next to you, work harder. On the field one may not be the most talented, but working hard for what you want is very important. I have never been handed anything, I have always had to work for what I want and if I wanted it bad enough, I did. I wanted to further my education and soccer days so I came to college hoping to gain more knowledge mentally and physically. I managed my time by prioritizing things that were the most important to me down the road, and school is number one. Soccer is very close to me but I have realized that I will not move on after this year and school and a diploma will always be there for me. As a student athlete, my sport and school take up a lot of time, but I also have other commitments that need attention too. Friends, work and family play huge roles in my life and are very important to me. For some, being a student athlete is just merely being an athlete; the bright lights and adoring fans are all they want. But for a lot of people they only have few years of the spot light before the clock strikes zero and everything’s gone. They don’t understand that being a good student now will earn you a diploma that will help you earn more money at the job you want and have. So my message to any student athlete is to commit yourself to what is important, work hard and manage your time

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