Essay Life Liberty Of The Free And The Home Of Brave

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I am a fifty eight year old white native American woman, and the middle child of three. I have an older sister, by fifteen months, and a brother who is three years younger than I am. I should probably mention that my dad was not around when I was born. My parents raised our family of five in Port Huron, Michigan. I am a member of the Baby Boomer generation. As an American, we traditionally are passionate about baseball, hotdogs, apple pie, and lemonade, but being an American means much more to me. In America, we emphasize family, faith, and civil rights. We live in the “land of the free and the home of brave.” (Smith & Key, 1814) According to our history, the colonists came here to get out from under the dominance of the British government, and came to this land to enjoy “life liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The Constitution’s Bill of Rights gives us rights and freedom that no other country enjoys. (United States of America, 1789) Men and women have served in our Armed Forces, and died to protect those rights. My mom stayed home with us up until I was a teenager when she went back to school to become a LPN, Licensed Practical Nurse. My dad was a machinist by trade as well as being a “Jack of All Trades.” I would say that I was raised in a middle, Middle Class family. I started elementary school at Lakeport Elementary; spent fifth grade in a three-room schoolhouse called Gardendale Elementary, went through sixth through eighth grade at Fort Gratiot…

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