Life Is Tougher Than Civilian Essay example

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Life is tougher than civilian, the challenges that are faced by veterans after the military has been witnessed over and over again, it is still an ongoing process, that has is not being addressed adequately. (Moran) Most veterans might find it impossible to adjust to civilian life, after living in the tough environment of the military, whatever branch of service that they were in. Whether it be, Air Force, Navy, Air Force, or Marine, the individual that participated in the occupation, had a tough life, and will find it even tougher when it comes to transitioning to civilian lifestyle. It is often hard to relate to civilians that do not see the same principles as the military; they do not understand or cannot fathom what a veteran has been through or what he is going to go through. Some military personnel are labeled if they were deployed in the combat zone, not quite ridiculed, but looked at differently, because of their background (Veteran Affairs). Some might would say he is crazy or he does things in an unorthodox manner, but that is just the way the veteran was trained to do every day, day in and day out. Some veterans’ transition with little or no difficulty, researchers analyzed the attitudes, experiences and the demographics characteristics of veterans, in order to identify whether it will be and easy or difficult re-entry to civilian life. Most Officers in the military have an easier time adjusting to post-military life, because they are college graduates and find…

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